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Business Intelligence


ATG makes Business Intelligence (BI) easy. We help clients align key performance indicators with their strategic goals and objectives. When you need an extended staff for technical support, we provide the best BI and data warehousing consultants in the industry.

Our consultants analyze the organization's needs and recommend an appropriate solution that balances cost-effectiveness and ROI.

Big Data


At ATG, Our highly seasoned experts evaluate the right platform for all data that is scalable and reliable. We deliver the right foundation for big data whether it is on premise or in the cloud. Our Big Data infrastructure management solutions not only help you manage data growth and keep cost and complexity down, but they help you unlock hidden value and insights from your Big Data system.

Training & Resources

Data Warehousing


ATG's proven methodology for data cleansing and building an efficient process helps clients identify the right data sources for integration. Our profiling and data quality services ensure data in the warehouse is accurate, consistent and standardized.

Data Science


Data Science practice at ATG is driven by seasoned and passionate professionals who have been engaged with data and analytics for over decades. Our data scientists invariably have Ph.D degrees or working toward their Ph.D in fields that require rigorous study and application of Mathematics, Statistics, Machine Learning, Modeling & Optimization, and Distributed Computing.

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