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A critical component for achieving project success is making sure the right PACE has been set. ATG offers a talented team equipped to lead and management initiatives from start to finish.



The heart of effective program/project management is an understanding of, and ability to, lead initiatives using project and program methodologies that enable the client to be successful. By successfully employing traditional project/ program methodologies with non-traditional methodologies, such as Agile-Scrum, ATG offers clients project and program management that fits their needs.



ATG offers the ability to help clients successfully analyze business needs within their teams, projects and overall organization. Our work starts with identifying the needs of critical stakeholders and continues with the development of recommendations individually-tailored for each business need. The sole focus of our analysis team is to ensure understanding of how our clients operate in order to help them achieve their goals and successfully complete their work.



ATG provides expertise in process improvement and change management through the employment of numerous methodologies including Lean, Six Sigma, Kanban, and Design for Six Sigma. Our approach to process improvement starts with understanding the root cause of pain or the business goal to be achieved while partnering with our client to understand the goals they are trying to meet and ends with the implementation of a control plan and training to all impacted areas.



ATG knows that stakeholder identification and engagement is vital in implementing successful projects or change. We employ and leverage a stakeholder management framework that ensures our clients are ready for every aspect of change occurring during their projects.

Building a robust approach with our PACE program allows our clients to leverage our expertise and insights in order to identify pitfalls and pain points before they occur. Many of the non-traditional approaches offered by TABNER'S PACE Program also support the client in process improvement and the elimination of non-value-added activities, which is a critical factor necessary for success when managing sophisticated, large-scale implementations.

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